Affordable Lodging for a Family Car Road Trip

If you’re planning a road trip with your family, especially a larger/extended family, hotels can be very expensive and too small for your crowd. So, you think, “Why don’t we just find a condo or a house or something like that along our route/at our destination?”

The problem with this is the amount of work and double-checking that goes into booking something like this. Unlike a hotel, you can’t just use an online booking agent like Expedia or find a “chain” of villas, houses, or condos. So, the tendency is to suck it up and pay too much for multiple hotel rooms for your family. On top of that, you don’t have a common area to spend time hanging out together and you end up just piling into one room or another, or worse – spend even more money hanging out together in restaurants while watching the bill grow by the minute.

Not the best solution, but what can you do? You’re too busy to spend days tracking down villas or other rental homes.

Well, there’s a whole new online service out there for larger families/groups who don’t want to pay top dollar for multiple rooms that don’t even include a common area to visit or a full-size kitchen for meals (dining out can be a huge expense for a large family, so a full-size kitchen with a real dining area is a Godsend). This online solution is

Not only does this service find the best house/villa/condo for you, but you don’t have to go to multiple agents to book lodging at the many stops along your road trip route. Instead, is an all-in-one worldwide service that can get you a larger place for your family for significantly less than you’d pay for a hotel or even a brokered rental through a local real estate agency.

How can they get these great deals? Being big means they’ve got more clout (think Wal-Mart vs. a corner pharmacy, for example) – they just have more access and more leverage than a smaller real estate company. That access and leverage mean savings in your pocket!

Family Road Trip

Just go to their site, plugin where you want to stay, check out any great deals they have – they’ve got killer ones for longer rentals (a week or more) – and book. If you prefer to deal with a live person, there’s a toll-free number provided once you start looking at a specific property – just call to get any details you feel we’re missing on the site.

To be honest, there’s not much the site doesn’t show you. They’ve got a general overview with a listing of amenities, a calendar showing existing availability, lots of great color photos of the property and the rooms/living spaces, a Google map to show you its exact location, and even weather info!

What don’t they have? They don’t have options everywhere in the US – it depends on where you’re going – but most states have available properties, so it’s worth checking out. Also, confirm what the sleeping options are – when a two-bedroom condo says it sleeps six, the various choices may not work for your family, so make sure before booking.

If you’re considering taking a family road trip, definitely give ABetterStay.coma look-see when you’re planning your vacation. All I hear are raves about this service!

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