Travel Packing List: Romantic Road Trip

Planning a road trip with your sweetheart? Although my general packing list will be of help, there are certain things you’ll want to bring along to make your trip more romantic and special. This isn’t just any old trip!

For this type of trip, you’ll want to bring along things to enhance romance as well as things to help you to capture the memories you create. If you don’t want to pack them, see if one of your hotels will provide some of them. An old boyfriend of mine always had chilled champagne and flowers waiting in our hotel room, and let me tell you, it was a big hit!

Take the time when planning to select the right type of hotels, B&Bs; or campgrounds where you’ll be staying. What kind of couple are you? If you must have every comfort, stick with larger hotel chains and upscale hotels where those amenities are provided. If you both love antiques, choose special B&B;’s beautifully decorated with collector’s items. If you’re into nature try camping, even if you haven’t camped before. It can be a fun way for you to bond as you try to figure it all out together.

Romantic Road Trip

So what should you bring? This is a list of suggested items – tailor it to your preferences as a couple.

  • A tripod for your camera. It’s hard to always find someone to take your picture as you see the sights. A lightweight tripod (assuming your camera has a timer) can be easily carried along and set up for those moments you want to capture of the two of you.
  • Tea lights and cheap votive holders. Use these to create a romantic mood in your hotel room every evening. Cheap votive holders are the best choice as you won’t get upset if they break.
  • Bubble bath liquid if you’re staying in a hotel that has a large two-person bath. A bubble bath for two by candlelight makes a relaxing and romantic activity for one (or more) evenings of your road trip.
  • Portable CD player/MP3 player (with speakers) to bring in your hotel room. Create a CD or playlist of romantic/sexy songs you both enjoy and add to the mood in your room.
  • Get a box or small treasure chest and collect items as you travel – creating your own “memory box” for the trip. The things you collect don’t have to cost much or can even be free – like a maple leaf from a walk you took in the woods or a matchbook from a restaurant where you had dinner.
  • Intimate items you usually use as well as something new. Take a chance and bring that sexy book or lingerie or other items you’ve been thinking about. Vacations are perfect times to introduce something new as you’re already in the mood to explore.
  • Bring a special bottle of wine or champagne for you to share the first evening of your trip. Combine that with treats like some good cheese, fruit, chocolate, and a loaf of French bread for a picnic at a scenic rest area or park near your accommodations. It will be your own road trip “kick-off” celebration!
  • Perfume and other scented items to add ambiance in your car and room.
  • Pack a soft blanket (or two) and two pillows, and find a field one evening where you can stargaze together.
  • Romantic nightclothes/nighties/etc. Unless you’re staying in an upscale hotel that will provide them, pack robes and slippers as well.

Check out my article The List for a great method of packing that will help you remember everything, but keep you from bringing too much (though, with it being just the two of you, you’ll have more room in the car for your stuff).

Now you’ve got everything you need for a wonderful romantic road trip!

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