College Road Trip – Spring Break Packing

It’s Spring Break or another college break and the road awaits you and your friends! Most likely, you’ve selected a “party” destination somewhere sunny and warm and you’ve been dieting, working out, and fake-baking for months in preparation while thinking about your vacation non-stop, right?

Well, make it an even better Spring Break road trip with a little expertise from me – a veteran party road-tripper. I have gone on many party road trips, and you’re going to need some stuff you probably didn’t think of when you were fantasizing all semester in college about the fun in the sun you were going to have with your friends.

Spring Break Packing

What will you need to make your Spring Break perfect?

  • The swimsuit/bikini issue. Never bring less than 3 bathing suits! Why? First, bathing suits always take longer to dry than you think they will and who wants to put on a damp suit? Second, you will practically live in your bikini, so you’ll want to switch it out and wash it, too. Third, you’ll want an extra for those midnight swims after hitting the clubs – possibly with someone you met! Last, my bikinis are small – aren’t yours? There’s no issue of them taking up space.
  • Cover-ups and other outfits for the beach.
  • Flip-flops.
  • Beach towels – don’t assume the ones in the hotel will be okay – they’re usually dinky white things. The only exception is if your hotel has a really nice pool area that supplies full-size pool towels.
  • Booze! I’m assuming you’re legal, here. Make sure to bring as much as you can fit in your car because the prices of liquor/wine/beer in any destination are always jacked up to take advantage of Spring Breakers. Unless you’re rich, you’ll really thank me. On the way, and when you get to your Spring Break destination, keep all your booze in your hotel rooms to keep it from getting too hot. Even better, get some cheap Styrofoam coolers and keep your drinks in those with lots of ice. Once liquor/wine/beer gets hot, it’s skunked and that’s nasty tasting!
  • Bring more than one corkscrew and bottle opener.
  • Pepto-Bismol, Alka-Seltzer, Advil, and other things to make you feel better in the morning.
  • A bunch of plastic cups for water and drinks.
  • A Brita pitcher or another filtering pitcher – you will be drinking a lot more water than usual and you won’t want to pack it all or have to buy it and lug it up to your room. The only exception for this one is if you’re in Mexico/Cancun or any other location with unsafe water. Then, stick with bottled water.
  • Pepper spray, especially if you’re a girl. Get a small one for each of you to keep in your purse in case something goes wrong.
  • Keep a piece of paper in each of your wallets where you keep track of each other’s whereabouts when partying. Write it down – you will probably forget after that second shot of tequila! Each of you should have a new pen, too (not an old one that runs out of ink when you need it). This is important – there are too many stories of college kids getting hurt or killed when they separate from their friends.
  • Sweaters/hoodies/something to keep you warm. You will think it will be hot all the time where you’re going, but you will be wrong – especially in the evenings.
  • An outfit for every night out – if it’s a trip running over a week, you can wash and wear some of those outfits twice.
  • Lots of sunblocks – no matter how fake-bake perfect your base is, you’re probably going somewhere south where the sun is really strong. Is a burn attractive? I think not!
  • Condoms – unless you’ve taken a vow of abstinence or you’re a dedicated virgin, don’t play with fire.
  • This isn’t something to pack, but something to plan for so it still needs saying. Figure out how you’re going to handle and protect your money before you go on your vacation. You’re not at college anymore. There are all kinds of pick-pockets and thieves preying on Spring Breakers and you want to develop a system to protect yourself. I advise that you find a place to hide your ATM/Debit card in your room or have it held in the hotel safe. Take out money the morning of each day before you start partying and keep just enough on you. If you get mugged or pick-pocketed, you still have your ATM/Debit card nice and safe at the hotel. Even better, keep all the other stuff there, too, and just carry the money you need for that day, your cell phone, your keys, pen and paper mentioned earlier, and your camera.
  • Disposable camera – okay, you have this great digital camera that you love. Guess what? Salt air destroys digital cameras! Goodbye, camera! Also, partying doesn’t make me remember things, it makes me forget them. How about you? You forget that expensive camera somewhere; don’t count on finding it later. A disposable camera is an answer – you can get all those great shots of you and your friends worry-free!

This list is obviously for a beach-oriented spring/college break road trip. If you’re going skiing or snowboarding, check out my Skiing and Snowboarding Packing List. Make sure to check out my General Packing Tips article as well as The List article – there is a lot of information in these two articles that you will need to pack for your trip.

Have a kick-butt Spring Break!

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