Boredom Busters: Make the Miles Fly By With These Easy and Fun Games

When you’re on a long road trip, boredom busters or any other road trip games can really make a difference and help the miles fly by. This is especially true when you have small children who easily get antsy and need some distraction.

What makes these road trip games “boredom busters”? These are all very simple games rather than the other more involved games I’ve featured on this site and they don’t require any equipment – you can just do them on the fly! They’re great for both short and long road trips – mix and match them depending on your trip’s length and your group’s interests.

Game: Silly Words
Every time you enter a new state, have the group select a silly word that must be used in every sentence that you speak while you’re in that state. You can theme this game to your trip by selecting items that have to do with the state you’re in – such as potatoes in Idaho or Hollywood in California.

Every time you use the silly word in a sentence, you get a point. Gather twenty points and you get to select a new word. Say a sentence without including the selected word and you lose two points. You can have a minus score. Even one-word sentences or replies (like yes or no) must include the word.

The fun of this is how really silly this can get and you can end up laughing hysterically! This is a great game for kids – they love the silliness – but even adults have a great time with this one.

Game: Storytelling Circle
Tell a story as a group. Select someone to start the game – anyone who wants to go first is fine. Each player says one or two sentences and then leaves the story off on a cliffhanger like: “But then she was surprised by a big…” or “He was tied to the train tracks and thought all was lost when…”

The next person (decide which order you will play in – clockwise or counter-clockwise according to your seating in the car and stick with it) finish that sentence and adds one to two more of their own before adding their own cliffhanger. Make sure the story is told by/added to by all the players at least twice before ending it. Anyone after that can end it.

This is great because it really gets your creative juices flowing! Play the game as many times you feel like it – no need to keep score.
Boredom Busters
Game: Signs and Sights
Select signs (for example: stop sign, yield sign, speed limit sign) and sights (for example farm silo, pay telephones, general stores) for your game. Select gestures for every sign and a point value for every sight.

Every time anyone in the car sees a sign they have to make the approved gesture (you could put your hand up in the stop signal or do something silly). The last person to make the gesture loses points (select your own penalties and rewards).

Every time you see one of the sights, whoever yells it out first gets a point (or points). If you yell it out at the same time as someone else, neither of you wins the points. If you yell it out and you’re wrong (you yelled a little too fast) you lose points. Whoever gets the most points at the end of the day wins.

This is a perfect game for a road trip as it makes sure you pay attention to everything on your trip (instead of spacing out) and it contains a silliness/fun element when you’re making all the gestures.

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