Road Trip Games: Trivia Wiz

I am such a sucker for trivia games I’ll even watch them on TV. Have you seen the show Cash Cab on the Discovery Channel? Awesome show – you find yourself yelling out the answers and telling the contestants whether they should go for the double or nothing bonus round. My husband and I are addicted.

If you selected this road trip game, you’re probably addicted to trivia, too. This game is for you! So, Cash Cab made me think – why can’t we do something like this on a road trip? Of course, we can!

Get ready to test your trivia knowledge and get a great competition started. To make this road trip game even more exciting, figure out something the winner gets (that everyone wants) at the end of each day. All the people who didn’t win have to pay for the prize – you’ll probably want to make it realistic for your budgets while still being fun for the winner. Figure out what it will be before you get started.

Unlike Cash Cab, the driver will not be able to play (unless they can memorize a bunch of trivia questions and answers – that depends on the driver).

Minimum number of players: 2

What you’ll need: A pair of dice, a notepad for keeping score, trivia source (book, Trivial Pursuit cards, downloaded trivia from the internet, etc.).

Road Trip Games: Trivia Wiz

Rules of the game:

Select your source of trivia and roll the dice. Whoever rolls highest gets to answer a question first. Whoever rolls lowest asks the question.

No matter what you’re using, ask questions consecutively from your source, rather than trying to pick a question – no matter how hard or easy that question is. This keeps it fair as anyone can get an easy or hard question.

For instance, if you’re using Trivial Pursuit cards, take one question from each category consecutively (in the Genus edition, that would be Geology first, Entertainment second, History third, and so on). With Trivial Pursuit cards, pull a fresh card each time so that no one has seen the answer. If you’re using a book or printed online material, turn to a fresh page each time and use the first question on that page.

If you get a question right, you get 10 points and get to go again. You can get quite a “roll” going sometimes and win lots of points! If you get it wrong, you don’t get any points and take over the role of the questioner to the next person. The order of play is determined by the roll of the dice: highest first, next highest next, and so on all the way to lowest roll.

If someone who is not supposed to be answering says the answer, that person loses 20 points, so be careful! I admit I have trouble with this rule, but it keeps the game rolling if you don’t constantly have other people answering the questions. Plus, if you’re the one that’s in the answering role, it can really tick you off when everyone else is answering the questions before you do and taking away your chance to win.

Play this road trip game any way you want. You can select a maximum score to stop the game at a certain point, or you can just play all day. I recommend that if you’re playing this road trip game for more than one day, that you wipe the slate clean and start fresh each day, giving everyone a chance to win. If someone had a huge score from the previous day, it could prevent others from winning. You’ll also want to select a new prize for the winner before you start a new game.

Have fun and enjoy your own Cash Car!

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