About Me: Who am I Anyway? Why Road Trips?

So, who am I? What led me to create this road trip website?

road trip to hollywood

Let me start off by introducing myself: my name is Tara. I live in Fairfield, Connecticut. My husband and I recently moved back north after living for six years in North Carolina. In addition to living in the South, I’ve also lived in the Midwest (Michigan) and the Mid-Atlantic (Maryland). However – for us, anyway – there’s truth to the saying “there’s no place like home” and we’re happy to be back enjoying all the great things that the Northeast and Fairfield County has to offer!

I’ve been both an office manager and a meeting and event planner – both of which took advantage of my love of planning and organizing. These days I’m a natural health copywriter and I’ve also written several novels and tons of nonfiction articles, so writing all of these road trip articles (100 plus) was very doable for me. Add that to my love of road trips (and travel in general) and you can see why road trip planning was a natural fit.

I’ve been on so many road trips and I’ve learned a lot over the years. What I love most about road trips is how accessible they are. You don’t have to buy an airplane ticket or get a passport to go on one (although you can; I have many fly-and-drive trips as well as foreign road trips under my belt). There’s nothing like the freedom of being able to just jump in your car and drive off down the road in search of adventure!

I was lucky enough to grow up with parents who loved to travel, starting me off at an early age which helped me develop a real taste for it. We traveled everywhere: from the roads of the U.S. to the roads of South Africa. The car became a second home and my younger brother, Jonathan, and I developed all kinds of ways to entertain ourselves for miles.

Well, admittedly some of that “entertainment” involved picking on each other. Like mimicking whatever my brother said: “”Did you see that?” “Did you see that?” “Stop it!” “Stop it!” “Mom!” “Mom!”

When I left home for college and then adult life, I just kept on traveling. Now, even when I try to list everywhere I’ve been, I keep thinking of another trip I forgot to list. It’s just one, “oh, yeah!” after another. To list a few: Thailand, Israel, Mexico, Ireland, Italy, South Africa, Austria, Greece, the Caribbean (multiple islands), and all over the United States including Hawaii.

In addition to my love of travel, I have a huge belief in the power of planning; it has made my life so much better in so many ways I could go on for hours. In regards to travel, planning both heads off trouble and helps you find out all about the great places to see and things to do when you’re on vacation, making your time off that much more wonderful.

A lot of great things just aren’t visible from the road – they’re tucked away down that dirt track or hidden behind another building – but if you do some research before you go, you’ll be able to find and experience all the cool things that are along your route (even the hidden gems).

My life often makes demands on my well-known organizational skills, but, it’s just too limited. I mean, my life only offers so many opportunities to help people day-to-day and conversation around the water cooler isn’t always about road trips. I wanted something larger in scope that would give me a chance to help countless people.

That’s it… create a website!

This website was designed to be even more than a resource for planning road trips – it’s also a place you can go to be entertained while gaining insights about travel in general and how it affects your life. That’s why I included the word fun in my website’s name: the whole process of planning and going on your trip should be fun! It should be fun to check out my website occasionally for new articles and information. I’ll never stop adding to it, it’s going to just keep growing.

Ultimately, you are the reason I built this website. You’re the person I want to help! I always think: why can’t someone benefit from everything that I had to learn the hard way? Any advice or suggestions will be taken very seriously – just click my Contact Me link to drop me a line. I look forward to hearing from you.


“Happy trails to you, until we meet again.”

Dale Evans